Social Responsibility

Social responsibility strategy of HS: fulfill social responsibility to demonstrate civic demeanor

Enterprises should consciously fulfill their social responsibilities and actively communicate with stakeholders, which has become the business principle for HS to step into the international world. HS strives to be a good corporate citizen, fulfills its commitment with integrity, and actively explores a sustainable and socially beneficial business model and social responsibility practice pattern, with the spirit of continuous exploration and innovation, highlighting the high-tech corporate citizenship style.

I. The clear process of HSCP3-AH-004-2010 should be formed to ensure adequate communication of information on social issues. Based on the company’s overall development strategy, the social responsibility of HS will be integrated into its overall business activities.

II. Departments are responsible for the implementation of social responsibility through division of labor, and the corresponding social responsibility assessment indicators should be set up to serve as practical guarantees.

III. The social responsibility awareness of employees should be cultivated in order to make sure employees can fulfill the social responsibility in their daily lives.

IV. The corporate social responsibility reports should be issued to fully and truly show the image of corporate citizens.

The social responsibility commitment of HS: three commitments to share responsibility

Firstly, HS is committed to fulfilling the market responsibility of sustainable development, promoting and improving the application level of carbon fibre and fibre reinforced resin composite materials in the national economy, thus playing its due role in enriching product varieties. We will jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers, shareholders, business partners and other stakeholders by expanding sales, reducing costs, increasing net incomes, making correct decisions.

Secondly, HS promises to fulfill its environmental responsibility of resource conservation and be an environment-friendly enterprise. Efforts will be made to make the society and employees not suffer from the negative impact of its operations, products and services. It will accelerate the upgrading and optimization of industrial technology, and do its utmost to protect the environment and natural harmony by reducing pollution and emissions, and conserving resources and energy.

Thirdly, HS is committed to fulfilling its civic responsibilities and complying with all laws and regulations, including the Environmental Protection Law, the Consumer Rights Law and the Labor Protection Law. It will operate in good faith, pay taxes according to law and provide promised services. The strictly supervision and management of quality, environment, safety and occupational health will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the ISO, and the energy consumption will be reduced by a series of green activities. HS provides employees with various training and development models to serve their good career development and help them to provide their most values. A harmonious community should be built and the corporate citizenship responsibility to the government, employees, and the community should be assumed.

In addition, HS is also enthusiastic about charity and actively contributes to the community. It sponsors Ma Xiangbo Education Fund to support future educators.