About HS

Located in the Aviation Industry Park in Danyang, Jiangsu, Jiangsu Hengshen Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2007, covering an area of about 1.07 million square meters. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating the design, research and development, production, sales and technical application services of carbon fibre and composite materials. The company takes over the development model of world-class carbon fibre enterprises. It is an enterprise with the whole industrial chain from raw silk, carbon fibre, sizing agent, fabrics, resin, prepreg to compound materials.

The total investment of the company is 4.6 billion Yuan and the registered capital is 1.2 billion Yuan. The company, with advanced equipment and strong technical strength, serves as a research and production base of carbon fibre and composite materials, yielding 5000 tons of carbon fibre and 15 million square meters of fabric and prepreg of various specifications and 1200 tons of reinforced and toughened resin and 5000 tons of composite products per year. The products are widely used in aviation, rail transit, marine engineering, construction machinery, new energy and other fields. The company has set up core business departments, including carbon fibre business unit, intermediate product business department, composite material business department, engineering technology research center and marketing center, according to the development model of the whole industry chain. Now, the company has more than 1500 employees, including about 400 scientific researchers, accounting for about 30% of the total number of employees.

The PAN-based carbon fibre engineering technology research center in Jiangsu, the carbon fibre and composite materials engineering center in Jiangsu, the post-doctoral workstation of the national composite materials enterprise, the carbon fibre and composite material industry technology innovation base of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the HS-European Technology Center in the UK have been established by the company. The company owned carbon fibre and composite material manufacturing technology with independent intellectual property rights, and has nearly 100 invention and utility model patents, by digesting and absorbing international advanced technology and equipment.

Listed on the New Third Board in May 2015 (stock code 832397), the company’s comprehensive strength ranks among the best in the domestic industry.

The members of the core research and management team from domestic well-known and even international first-class enterprises have strong technical background and professional management level. As the compound talents in their respective fields, they have rich experiences about production processes, structural design and corporate management. At the same time, the company established a service team of carbon fibre production and applied structural design, production process and achieved independent research and development and production from the original silk, carbon fibre, sizing agent, fabric, resin, prepreg to composite products, thus getting rid of the dependence on foreign countries of key raw materials.

Jiangsu HS is moving toward the goal of world-class carbon fibre and composite solutions experts and providing new materials for the country, society and customers to promote the development of carbon fibre and composite materials industry. The workers of HS will always adhere to the development concept of serving the country by industries, integration, catch-up strategy, overcome difficulties and make unremitting efforts to contribute to the industrialization of carbon fibre and composite materials in China.