Prepreg is a composite of resin matrix and reinforcement made of continuous fibre or fabric impregnated with resin matrix under strictly controlled conditions, and is the intermediate material for manufacturing composite materials. The resin reacts slowly at room temperature, so it can be stored for a long time. Prepreg solidification can be completed by heating up when you use it.

Prepreg characteristics:

  1. Convenient storage, environment-friendly and safe;
  2. The resin content is precisely controlled;
  3. Flexible layering, controllable precision, maximum optimization of the performance of parts;
  4. Easy to operate, no solvent, safe process;
  5. High surface quality.

HS introduced advanced prepreg production equipment from Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, which has high automation and control precision. Now we have mature production technology and stable staff. Prepreg products have extensive range, various specifications and types, and product quality has passed GJB and AS quality system certification, satisfying the prepreg supply requirements.

The products are mainly divided into unidirectional prepreg, fabric prepreg and warp knitted fabric prepreg. They are applied to civil aviation , new energy, Marine engineering, rail transit, automobile, sports and leisure and other fields.

Meanwhile, the engineering technology center subordinate to HS has a strong research and development team, which can continuously improve and develop new products according to customer requirements, and provide customers with better, faster, simpler and more economical prepreg products.