Sizing agent

Current sizing agent production capacity: 300 tons/year

Sizing agent is an important part of carbon fibre surface, which gives fibre better processing performance: bundling, splitting, rub resistance, wettability

In carbon fibre reinforced resin matrix composites, the real interface between reinforced carbon fibre and matrix resin is a transition layer formed by sizing agent.

Sizing agent not only to connect carbon fibre, but also to connect the matrix resin, so that the two become a load bearing overall, has an indispensable role. Most of the applications of carbon fibre are processed into intermediate products or composite materials. Therefore, the adhesive property between carbon fibre and matrix resin is very important, which will directly affect the deep processing of carbon fibre and its products and the comprehensive properties of composite materials.

At present, HS has independently developed three series of sizing agents suitable for different resin systems, a series of verification data show that: HS sizing agent is suitable for the company’s carbon fibre and composite products, including carbon fibre prepreg, carbon fibre fabric and resin. HS has a united endeavor sizing agent research and development team, collecting experts, experienced professionals. The research and development team has established a set of sizing agent research and development and production evaluation system, products has experienced a large number of strict certification process.

The quality of HS sizing agent product is reliable, suitable for the production of composite materials in the fields of civil aviation, marine engineering, new energy products, rail transit, automotive and sports leisure products and others.