Talent Structure

HS, founded in Aug. 2007, is an integrated service supplier specialized in carbon fibre and compound materials in terms of the production, technology, application and service. By now, the company has formed a complete full industry chain for the application design and product development of different products (like precursor, carbon fibre, sizing agent, fabric, prepreg and compound material). Depending on “grand integration”, “great wisdom” and the “opening mechanism”, the company has attracted different kinds of technical experts and management talents from all over the world. Up to now, the company has formed five talent blocks — management talent, professional talent, marketing talent, research talent and operation talent. Therefore, the company possesses a talent team in which the first-class members all have their own advantages, who are able to win great challenges. Currently, there are over 1000 talents and almost 300 technicians, of whom 4 are researchers, 15 senior engineers, 2 people involved in “Thousand Talents Program”, more than 10 foreign experts, 5 doctors, over 80 masters and 182 undergraduates. No matter when, the company is ready to attract different kinds of talents, especially talents engaging in product design, technical research and marketing, are provided with great opportunities in the company. Anyway, HS warmly welcomes talents to join it and it sincerely hopes that by joint efforts, contributions can be made to new materials.