Technology and Innovation

The company can timely know about the market development trend and market demands, keep a close pace with the advanced technology of compound material; this can help the company to strengthen its R&D strength and satisfy the market demands. At the same time, the company keeps strengthening its technology team and strengthen the communication with famous colleges and enterprises, keep practicing in R&D, improving product design, R&D service and application service …
Depending  on the principle “following market rules, mutual benefit and free will” and under the purpose to improve the company’s innovation ability and technological ability, the company starts deep cooperation with other companies and experts in carbon fibre, resin, sizing agent, carbon fibre fabrics, carbon fibre prepreg, compound material and work piece etc.
At present, the company has more than 60 professors and industrial experts engaging in the research and development of high-performance carbon fibre and compound materials. Besides, the company has more than 220 engineers. In order to attract and introduce application achievements made by advanced compound materials from foreign countries, which will greatly help with the technical research in China. In the compound material industrial center in Europe —